Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting Back

Hey Yall,

It's been a while. Sorry. I've been really busy with school...I don't think I've had this much homework since....well A.P.
Anyways. School is going well. Im doing really well in my Business classes. Which is good. I just recently sent in a MAJOR scholarship that will pay for almost all of the rest of my college starting next semester...that would be a major blessing, and a GREAT Christmas present...

Things are ok right now. Although school is going great, I've been struggling with other things. Some stuff happened between my best friend, Brice, and his mom, so he is staying at his dad's house. As a result, I haven't seen him in a really stinks. So I miss him a lot and that kinda has me down. And for some reason lately, I have been really missing my great grandmother. It was really hard for me when she died, and for a while, I was having a hard time getting along. For some reason Ill have waves..I'll be doing fine, and then bam, it will hit me...I miss her so much it hurts. I think that maybe I miss her the most when I know she would be there to help me through the times that I need her. For example...Sunday I was having a really bad day.. I made my dad upset, and he was lecturing me..and I just started crying.. That night while he was down in the horse barn riding horses with some of our friends, I was just in my room... I had my scrapbook out that I made her one year for her birthday and was just looking at...I was hugging a quilt she had made me before she got sick, and I was just balling...I keep the quilt up in the closet, so when I got it out, it smelt like her...It brought back so many memories...I just hate she isn't here... It's so hard. But I know she wouldn't like me being sad...

Anyways. only about 20 school days left till Christmas break...and only 2 weeks till Thanksgiving break!!...
Im very excited..I need the break!!!

Well, I will try and start posting more often.
Until Next time,

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Lea said...

Hi dearie. I'm just now seeing this post. I'm sorry you were having a tough time but hope things are better now. It makes sense that you would miss grandma the most when things are hard or when you and your dad are at odds. You were very close to grandma. She may have been the one your were closest to, next to your dad.

I think of you often and wonder how you are getting along and I had been wondering how you were really missing grandma with the holidays upon us. I think it is always harder during Thanksgiving and Christmas because we have so many (wonderful) memories. I have been missing her myself more than normal these days. I sat next to an elderly lady at church the other day who so reminded me of her and it brought tears to my eyes.

I hope things are going better now, since you are finished with the semester. Look forward to seeing you soon! Much love, Lea