Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting Back

Hey Yall,

It's been a while. Sorry. I've been really busy with school...I don't think I've had this much homework since....well A.P.
Anyways. School is going well. Im doing really well in my Business classes. Which is good. I just recently sent in a MAJOR scholarship that will pay for almost all of the rest of my college starting next semester...that would be a major blessing, and a GREAT Christmas present...

Things are ok right now. Although school is going great, I've been struggling with other things. Some stuff happened between my best friend, Brice, and his mom, so he is staying at his dad's house. As a result, I haven't seen him in a really stinks. So I miss him a lot and that kinda has me down. And for some reason lately, I have been really missing my great grandmother. It was really hard for me when she died, and for a while, I was having a hard time getting along. For some reason Ill have waves..I'll be doing fine, and then bam, it will hit me...I miss her so much it hurts. I think that maybe I miss her the most when I know she would be there to help me through the times that I need her. For example...Sunday I was having a really bad day.. I made my dad upset, and he was lecturing me..and I just started crying.. That night while he was down in the horse barn riding horses with some of our friends, I was just in my room... I had my scrapbook out that I made her one year for her birthday and was just looking at...I was hugging a quilt she had made me before she got sick, and I was just balling...I keep the quilt up in the closet, so when I got it out, it smelt like her...It brought back so many memories...I just hate she isn't here... It's so hard. But I know she wouldn't like me being sad...

Anyways. only about 20 school days left till Christmas break...and only 2 weeks till Thanksgiving break!!...
Im very excited..I need the break!!!

Well, I will try and start posting more often.
Until Next time,

Monday, April 27, 2009

Almost There!!!!

...I'm almost done with my freshman year of college...One final down, 3 to go!!..Yes. My first final was this morning @ 7:30!!..ugh. I've come to the conclusion that there really is no need to do anything school related @ that God-Forsaken hour of the morning!.. ;) anything else, I can deal with..but not school. My brain doesnt function that early....sooo...only 3 more finals!!...One I get to use my book..and I have to take it this afternooon...and then one tomorrow and one Thursday..and then I am officially done!!! =)
I am so excited for summer!..Yes, I realize I have to work, but not in the evenings!!..I will be able to spend a whole bunch more time with my best friend, ANNNND my amazing cousin!!.Yes, I miss you greatly Jana dear!!.. ;)and I can't wait to see you!!
Speaking of spending time with my best friend, I got to yesterday!!!..I had a blast... There was a small church meeting/get-to-gether @ his house yesterday, and he didn't want to be he was like..COME OVER!!! so I did. we mostly ate..and messed around on the guitar...and after we finished with all that, we watched a little t.v...we were watching a movie, but he fell asleep, and then I so much for that
..and it's another rainy day outside..but I like it It's nice sometimes to enjoy a cloudy/rainy day...
I hope you have an amazing day as well!..
ttyl! =]
xoxo -Aubrey

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"...Can'tchya See It's Just Rainin...."

.."Ain't no need to go outside.."...A fantastic song by Jack Johnson, entitled Banana Pancakes...yes...A song about bananas and pancakes. Together. yumm. I don't know why I didn't think of it. If you haven't heard it. You should google and listen to it. Listen closely. It will make you laugh. I promise! should trust me with this one. ok. so after you listen to it. Let me know what you think.
Anyways. Everytime it rains I start singing this song. That is the reason I am being so persistent. Boy did it rain. It rained hard too!...and they had a tornado touch down in the town I went to high school in. Very scarey. My parents are ok. And Im pretty sure my best friend is, I just haven't been able to get ahold of him. I think he's sleeping. As I am sure most normal people are at this hour. =)
anyways. yes everyone/everything is fine. I am glad. I think that is about it. Only 11 more days of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!..yay!!!..I am so excited for this summer!...I have a lot of plans, and a lot of
Well. I think I will retire to my bed now!.. Toodles! =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

So...It's been a while. =)

Im sorry it has been so long since I have last written. It feels like I've been busy..but I'm not sure I've actually got anything to show for it...So let's start @ the beginning.
School is going well. Only about 15 regular days left of school!!..and then finals week. But I think I will be done the Tuesday before the Friday that is the last day of school...I hope that made
Anyways. I've been sick the last week. A cough, sore throat, and runny nose. I'm feeling better, but I still have this stupid cough. =/ O will be gone soon.
I am SOOOOO ready for the summer!..I like school, but I don't like living in the city. I LONG for home. It's terrible...The sad thing is I go home every Weekend and Once during the week...i think I just need a break from school..I love my friends here. But I miss spending random days with my best friend @ home...=/ haha. we went dumpster diving last night @ church!..that was an adventure!!.. I loved it!...
This weekend is college weekend, and there are A LOT of prospective students here...A LOT!!!!!!! I feel like I'm being overrun with high schoolers.
Everything else is going good. Im raising a bottle calf, and her name is Charlie..I think I might also be getting another one..I will name her Walter. I laugh @ my names!!..every time.

Recently my youth pastor and praise and worship pastor have been fired. So my best friend and I are now leading praise and worship. This is a chore, but I believe that if we are faithful, God will bless us abundantly...
I also recently killed my phone. But it's ok. The insurance replaced it...but i knocked off a pillow while i was sleeping. the pillow hit my glass of water, which spilled over on my phone that was charging...
I guess I only have one thing really left...
The Easter Lily's have been blooming the last couple of weeks...I am certain they are my favorite flower..Of course there's a story behind that. =) I hope you don't mind me telling it!...So here goes. My great grandmother that passed away last year, well the lane that leads to her house, is fenced on either side; The fence encompasses the yard. On one side of the lane, the fence is lined with Easter Lily's (a.k.a Daffodils.) Ever since I can remember, we would always pick a bouquet of Daffodils, and she would always display them proudly on her table. When she got too old to go out and pick them, I would go pick them for her. I was always so happy that she wanted to put my flowers on her table. Last year, she was in the assisted living about this time; the time when the daffodils bloomed. So I picked some and brought them to her. Even though she wasn't responding a lot, I remember her loving the flowers..She proudly had me put them in a vase on her bedside table...and I was once again happy..I guess daffodils were one of our special things...We had a lot of special things... This year when I started seeing the flowers, I was happy. I saw them for several weeks, and with every passing glance, I thought of her. I had planned on picking some and putting them on her grave, but I haven't. And now, I'm pretty sure they're gone for this year; the snow and cold weather got them. I think maybe I was afraid of picking them this year, and not being able to have them proudly displayed on her table... and that is heartbreaking.
But my Lily's will be back next year, and that is promising... =)

Well, I have to go take a test online. I promise to start blogging more!..
xoxo -A-

Monday, February 23, 2009

When I Grow Up....(Dream Big.)

Most kids have usually said these words, "When I Grow Up...". I have been pondering lately, and I have come to the conclusion that these kids are smart; they know how to dream. I think the problem with a lot of people these days is they don't know how to do this. They have gotten caught up with everyday matters, and lost sight of their dreams... This happens to be one of my favorite things to do. In fact I would love share the list of things that I dream about for when, "I Grow Up." So if your willing, let me take you on a journey; a journey of what's to come. Hopefully you'll see the picture as I see it.

..So. My dreams are a little different from when I was 4. Then, me and my friend had dreams of being mermaids. I have since then revised my plans and this is what I want. When I Grow Up, I don't want to have to worry about what the economy is going through. I am a daughter of the most high God; He's going to take care of all of my needs...(I have nothing to worry about.) I want to be more than financially stable; I want to be able to give back and sow seeds into God's kingdom. He paid the ultimate price for me, it's the least I can do. The other part of being financially stable is I can live a luxurious life; yes, as my parents can testify, I like the finer, more expensive things in life.
You might ask me how I aquired all this money, and three scenerios come to mind immediately. One, I won the 100-some-odd million dollar lottery. But since I don't gamble, we can rule this possibility out. Number Two, my great-grandmother, left me a large inheritance when she passed, that nobody knows about yet, and I don't find out for a while. Or Number Three, the most likely possibility; I work my butt off in my own clinic as a therapist..(and make some big bucks might I add. ;] )
I would like to be able to travel anywhere in the world that I desire. To be able to take my family on crusies, to go to NYC occassionally, to Hawaii, and to Disney World multiple times. Yes, we will have many family vacations.
So far, I have shown you some of the luxurious things I would love to have. Let's contunue on. I want to live in a huge house. I want it to be one that you would see in Better Homes and Gardens; one shown on HGTV. And, I can't wait to decorate all of it!!!...(If my Best Friend from pre-school becomes an interior designer, then I'm gonna ask her to help me!!.lol. ;D ..thanks Kels!)...I want a huge kitchen so I can cook a wonderful dinner every night!...I want beautiful, Cherry hardwood floors...And a three car garage. I plan on having my husband's car, the sports car (hopefully black Porsche), and my cerulean blue metallic colored Lexus RX 10 parked in the garage. I want a beautiful living room that has a big screen t.v., a leather couch, and a Black Steinway Grand Piano in it.
Picture this..a lot of land in the country. With a beautiful stone house. This is the outside of my cute maison..(house.) Now picture the yard...beautiul flower beds in front of the house...a huge green lawn with a cute little fence. Soft green grass that is so thick and lucious. A back yard with the same green grass, flower beds, a tree house for the kids, and a swimming pool. Laying on one of the shaded lounge seats is my black and white Siberean Husky that I have had since the day I graduated college. Her name is Maya.
Enough with the house and yard, let's move on to the kids. I once made a bet with my best friend Brice. I bet him $20 that I would adopt my kids, and not have them myself. Well. I guess I wasn't at the point in my life where I thought that little kids are TOOOO CUTE and WAAAAAAY adorable. I have since changed my point of view and now have 2 girl and boy names picked out.... I'm not really sure at the moment If wanna have that many children, but if I do end up having that many, I have their names. Ava Monroe, Adelynn (not sure bout middle name yet.) Nikolai, Cade (those middle names are knowledge only! I want them to have beautiul brown, curly hair..... I believe Brice has won this bet, we just won't tell him yet.. ;)
To have these kids, I believe things must be done God's way. I must first be married!!..I'm gonna have an outrageoulsy beautiful wedding!...I can picture it now...but that's a whole 'nother story in itself. ;) But really, I can't wait to be married!...I want to have a special guy that loves me for me. That needs me as much as I need him...I want to hold hands just because we can...I want to be in love..It would really be nice now, but the one thing they don't tell you; When he comes, it will be worth the wait. Ya. I don't mind at all waiting for God's timing; waiting for that guy.
As much as I want all of these things, the number one thing in my life has to be God, and my relationship with him. I have to work with him first, but I do believe He will give me the desires of my heart one day.
So, Im sorry it's so long..But I thank you for those of you who have taken time out of your day to read this. Little kids always dream and say when I grow up; I think more adults should take lessons from kids and never stop dreaming. So. This is what I dream about for when I grow up. Hope you enjoyed my dreams and I would love to hear about yours. ;)
Keep the Faith,
God Bless and have a wonderful day.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have....

...come to a conclusion...a very good one at that..or @ least so I think...Anyways..I have come to the conclusion that life would be better if I didn't have to go to school, and got to live on the farm all the time...For those of you who are jumping the gun, don't worry; I have every intention of finishing school (Undergrad, Masters, and perhaps Ph.D.)...but I would love nothing more than be able to spend all my time on the farm, rather than going to all these boring classes. Now don't get me wrong, not all of them are boring. My psych class, is very interesting, and I'm glad I'm in it.....French the same way..but just about the rest of them are making me go crazy.( Not that there's really that far to get there!) but anywho. Wouldn't my time be much better spent being productive, than it would be sitting in a lecture that everyone is suffering through!...hahah. I think so...Of course, once I get to take classes that are actually related to my major next year, I think I will be much more enthralled...But for now, I'd rather be feeding cows, and practicing my psychology on them!..hahah. (wouldn't that be funny.)...or another random thought..I could pursue my first lifelong dream that I can remember having...(me and my first best friend I ever had.)...I'll become a mermaid!!!!!!!!!!!! =) hahah. The LIttle mermaid was our favorite movie!!..anyways..sorry about the randomness...But i will soon be full of motivation again!..Tomorrow is Friday, and I am going home to the farm!!!!!!!!....
Toodles to all!...and next time I promise not to be so discombobulated!!..hehe. ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

...The Love Bug...blugggh! forgive me ahead of time, as I plan on going on a rampage to let go of some of my feelings. I have come to the conclusion that Valentine's Day could be the most stupid holiday that we as humans have come up with yet. I mean, it has become another day that, starting the day after Christmas, advertises candy, stuffed animals, flowers, and other "romantic stuff" to "Woo" our sweathearts.We go out and spend, perhaps, hundreds of dollars on material things that can only be used while we're here on earth. First of all, if we have a "better half" to celebrate this "love day" with, why can't we do it without spending huge sums of money??..I mean it is so much more romantic if the gift you give comes from the heart, not the pocket book; for me @ least, it would seem like the gift was much more personal if the guy didn't spend a great deal of money. A simple home cooked meal by the fire place, or an original song composed by your sweetie would more than do the trick... now this seems very, very romantic to me...but then again, that's just me.
But If in a relationship shouldn't we show our love and appreciation to our "significant other" every day of the year, and not just one day that is set aside?? Shouldn't we have multiple (yet unofficial) Valentine's Days throughout the year??" Now, like I said, forgive me. I can see exceptions to this holiday, for example, a husband and wife who have multiple children, all under the ages of 10. In this case, yes, I can see where this specific day would be romantic; a chance to get away from the kids for a little while and have a much needed date night. But for high school students, and even college students (who unless are engaged) should we really waste our time and money on this??..Im not so sure.

You know, I've come to college (but it started in high school), and everyone is looking for someone to spend the rest of their lives with. Everyone seems in such a rush to get married, and have their lives planned out. Well, I have a question. What is so wrong with being single??..I've come to the conclusion, that nothing is wrong with this, and in fact there is nothing like it. Don't get me wrong, It would be amazing to have someone special to celebrate this holiday with, and someday I will; but this year I don't, so no big deal. I've seen a lot of people here @ school that think they are in love. Now I have no doubt that some of them truly are. But I also believe that the rest of them are just "in love" with the idea of being "in love." I hope that makes sense.

Why can't we single people just enjoy our time alone. I heard a speaker say @ a convention this past weekend, that God made all of our feelings, including lonliness.. But He made this feeling so that when we would feel that way, we would run to our Father in Heaven. We would read our Bibles, and spend time in prayer with Him. It got me to really thinking. If I don't spend enough time working on my relationship with my Heavenly Father, and making it work, how should I expect an earthly relationship with that special man to work??..You know, I have dreams for my life, and they include my wedding, marriage, and the rest of my future that goes along with it..And if they are according to God's word, I have no doubt, that He will fulfill my hearts desire. But why rush things?
So I have made a decision. I am going to stop wasting my times on guys. I've cut back already, but I need to do so even more. I'm not going to worry about the perfect guy for me. When I've come to the point in my relationship with God where I am 100% sure that He always is my first priority, I believe that God will work things out with my special guy.

So this note started out as a "Valentine's Day Hate Mail"..and gradually turned into a thinking and decision making process. For everyone who has a special someone to share Valentine's Day with. Go ahead, have fun with your night out on the town. My most sincere wishes... As for me, I will be watching Mall Cop, and enjoying popcorn and m&m's with my best friend; remembering that God is the main man in my life and will always be.